About Us

In March 1980, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Craft and Mrs. Cooper opened M. J. Edwards Funeral Home. (Mr. Edwards was President of the firm. Mrs. Cooper and Mr. Craft were co-managers of the new firm.) Mr. Edwards, Mrs. Cooper and Mr. Craft handled the day-to-day operations of the firm. If Additional personnel were needed (primarily on the weekend funeral services), contract employees were used that time, the majority of funeral services were conducted on Saturday. Presently, Saturday continues to be the most popular day for funeral services. Funeral services conducted on Saturday (present day) can range from 14 to 21 services. Contract personnel and rented limousines are utilized, as necessary. 

When Mr. Edwards opened M. J. Edwards Funeral Home in 1980, the facility did not have an embalming room. In Order for Mr. Edwards to obtain a funeral home license, two local funeral home owners were required to sign an affidavit, which stated that they would allow M. J. Edwards funeral personnel to embalm and casket remains within their facilities. Mr. Edwards utilized the embalming facilities at these two funeral homes for a four-year period. At the end of this period, Mr. Edwards had completed embalming facilities and a large chapel at M. J. Edwards Funeral Home. When Mr. Edwards opened the funeral home on Airways Boulevard, the upstairs area consisted of an area that housed caskets.  This area was used primarily as a storage area, and was referred to as the "bargain basement.  In 1980, the fleet of automobiles owned by M. J. Edwards Funeral Home consisted of the following vehicles: one hearse, one limousine and one sedan and today he has thirteen hearses, sixteen limousines, and five sedans.

During the first month of operation, M. J. Edwards Funeral Home handled approximately 12 funeral services.  The average cost of each service was approximately $795 (cost for a full funeral service). In addition the firm also offered a special funeral package for $295. Cases for the new firm continued to increase each month.

Families who had purchased burial policies from local Burial Association used these policies to purchase funeral services at M. J. Edwards Funeral Home.  These burial policies were purchased for premiums of approximately $.25 per month payable over the life of the policyholder. Families who purchased these policies could only afford these type policies.  Even today, people who purchase large life insurance policies are still told by their elders that they need to have a "burial" policy. Mr. Edwards is very proud of this accomplishment.