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Direct Cremation - $1,145.00 to $1,345.00
Does your plan include cremation
This charge for a direct cremation include local removal of remains, local transportation to cremetory, crematory fee and basic serivices or staff. This charge does not include the use of facilities and staff for any visitation of cermony, public or private, prior to the cremation. If you want to arrange direct cremation, you can use an alternative container. Alternative containers encase the body and can be made of materials like fiberboard or composition materials (with or without an outside covering). The containers we provide are a is a cardboard cremation container.
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Tradition Service Charge    $2,945.00

Services include

  • Basic Service of Funeral Director and Staff
  • Embalming
  • Other Preparation of Body (Dressing & Casketing Remains)
  • Use of Equipment, Facilities or Staff for Viewing (Church, Stateroom or Other)
  • Use of Equipment, Facilities or Staff for Viewing (Church, Chapel or Other)
  • Transfer of Remains to Funeral Home
  • Hearse
  • One Limousine (Funeral Service only with same day Burial)

Casket Type
(Click on the link to see details)
Omega 48 Oz. Solid Bronze with velvet interior ($14,445.00)
Lincoln Copper 32 Oz. Solid Copper with velvet interior ($4,995.00)
Greyson stainless steel with silver velvet interior ($4,495.00)
Renaissance Rose stainless with moss pink velvet interior ($4,495.00)
Hartfield Hardwood with Rosetan Crepe interior ($3,595.00)
Trentan Popular wood with Rosetan Crepe interior ($2,995.00)
T18 18 ga. Available in 4 interior and exterior colors ($2,095.00)
Ocean Blue 18ga with Lt. Blue Crepe interior ($1,945.00)
Midnight silver Silver / Black finish with silver crepe interior($1,945.00)
NB4 18ga available in Three interior colors & exterior colors ($1,895.00)
Pegasus 18ga. Steel (Brown and Copper Exterior with Rosetan Crepe Interior) ($1,845.00)
S41 20ga. available in Four Interior & Exterior colors ($1,645.00)
Q88 20ga. available in Four Interior & Exterior colors ($1,245.00)
Edward Metal 20ga. available in Three Interior & Exterior colors ($795.00)
Elite Heavy cardboard with Ivory Stain interior ($495.00)
Outer Burial Container Type (Click on the link to see details)
Lydian ($2,195.00)
Athenian-SST ($1,895.00)
Cameo Rose ($1,895.00)
Venetian ($1,595.00)
Continential ($1,395.00)
Monticello ($1,195.00)
Monarch ($995.00)
Concrete ($745.00)
Wooden Box ($175.00)
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